Electrical Warrant of Fitness

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Our services are based in Christchurch with over 50 years in the electrical industry.  You can trust us to provide all your caravan and motorhome certification, and repairs to AS/NZS 3001:2008 standard.

Now have inspectors in North Canterbury (Cori) and Ashburton (Dan) . Just contact through the website for a quote.

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May 6th until July 17th

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Cori and Dan will still be operating and looking after Christchurch as well. Just book through website only

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  • WOEF Certification
  • Registered electrical inspector
  • RCD upgrades

Payment is made on the day immediately after completion of the Ewof by either cash or internet banking

Contact us today to find out more about WOEF Certification and electrical  repairs.

All transportable structures, which include both vehicles and structures with or without wheels that can be moved from one site to another either under its own power or by some other means which is connected by means of a lead or detachable connection that can be  connected by an unskilled person and is intended to be connected to a 230v power supply  must have a Warrant of Electrical Fitness. ( Ewof)

Any electrical work 230v carried out on a transportable structure including upgrades and conversions must all be carried out by a qualified electrical person, who will supply you with a Certificate of Compliance or an Electrical Safety Certification. Any work done must be done to AS/NZS 3000 and AS/NZS 3001.The Warrant of Electrical fitness (Ewof) must be carried by an electrical inspector.  Ewof's  are issued and renewed every 4 years. Renewing a EWOF is a check and test to ensure everything is safe.